Our clinical team members bring an average of 20-years of experience, working with both drugs and devices, conducting and supporting trials in various roles, including Clinical Research Assistants (CRAs). We will support you through the steps for protocol development, navigating the IRB approval process, as well as overall engagement and management.

At our Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTFs), the data is validated with subject identifiers that are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, (“HIPAA”), and the data is processed through our cloud-based, FDA-cleared proprietary BeatLogic suite of algorithms for highly accurate ECG analysis. Our services and technologies also follow General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) enacted to protect the privacy of all individuals in the European Union and addresses export of the data outside of the European Union.

We are committed to reducing costs while driving higher study subject compliance, helping study sponsors move away from the traditional “study subject to study site” requirements and supporting pragmatic trials and real-world evidence requirements.


Have you ever wanted full disclosure during and post monitoring?

ECG INSIGHT, Preventice's cloud based system, offers you near real-time beat-to-beat data in telemetry mode

  • See all rhythms in near real-time while the subject is wearing the monitor
  • Receive actionable timely information when using remote telemetry system

Do you want detailed biometric data to understand impacts of different care protocols, medical devices, or drugs on subjects, or need information beyond simply arrhythmia data?

Approximately 70 percent of study participants live greater than two hours from study sites. Designed for use with the BodyGuardianTM remote monitoring system PatientCare, cloud-based HIPAA-compliant self managed platform, allows the principle investigator and their study team to gather, interpret and manage patient data independently and significantly reduces the need for multiple site visits throughout the study period. BodyGuardianTM  remote monitoring system allows a study participant to remain active and independent while being monitored.

PatientCare export via Application Programming Interfaces makes the data available for a third party to use. This capability enables study sponsors and clinical research organizations to connect the exported data to other electronic systems. Data is exported via web services into streams of discrete measurement data that can be parsed and leveraged in many different ways.