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Additional Services

  • Market & competitive research
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Proof of concept
  • Pilot planning and execution
  • National and/or Global deployment

Why Preventice®

  • Deep expertise in creating patient engagement strategies
  • Experience collaborating with global leaders on patient-focused technologies
  • Secure, scalable and HIPAA-compliant mHealth technology platform
  • Developed over 50 mHealth solutions, 10+ of which are on file with the FDA

New Business & Innovation Technology

Provide better care to more patients with less cost

CarePlatformIncreasingly, organizations in the healthcare ecosystem are creating complementary business units to add technology offerings that engage patients through mobile, web, and remote monitoring technologies. Some of these initiatives are extensions of current business and others are purely opportunistic—leveraging sales channels and customer relationships to build entirely new businesses.

These new innovations and business units require proven experience and hardened technology that can be counted on to build and launch successful ventures.

Our HIPAA-compliant Preventice Care Platform enables a rapid and cost-effective go-to-market with proven technology to build patient engagement solutions that enable mobile care plan delivery tools and remote patient monitoring capabilities.

Available Services
Preventice® offers a full range of established technology and consulting services that help take patient engagement concepts from the whiteboard to the real world.

Our client engagements begin with deep collaboration to help shape the strategic and technological direction of the envisioned solution. From the concept stage through the actual solution deployment, the experts at Preventice have the experience and tools required to build technology that truly impacts patient care and health care delivery.

To support innovative business ventures that focus on patient engagement solutions, Preventice offers the following services:

  • Mobile application development
  • Integration to the Preventice Care Platform
  • Remote sensor device integration
  • Patient data integration (EMR, PHR, etc.)
  • Clinical trial support that validates engagement and improved outcomes
  • Regulatory support
  • Technical support
  • Data analytics
  • Translation & localization