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Why Preventice®

  • Deep expertise in creating patient engagement strategies
  • Experience collaborating with global leaders on patient-focused technologies
  • Secure, scalable and HIPAA-compliant mHealth technology platform
  • Developed over 50 mHealth solutions, 10+ of which are on file with the FDA

Care Delivery Solutions


Improving patient outcomes requires providers to rethink how and where care is delivered. In addition to requiring that patients receive consistent and evidence-based care, it also requires that patients are engaged with every phase of their care, including the transitions between those phases. Patients that are managing chronic conditions or recovering from a clinical event need tools and support in order to change their behavior and achieve a successful outcome.

Engaging patients outside of the clinical setting has been a longstanding challenge. With the ubiquity of mobile, web, and social technologies, along with the continued growth of wireless, non-invasive sensors, a new and concrete opportunity has emerged for healthcare providers to engage their patients in meaningful ways in order to improve outcomes while also reducing costs.

At Preventice┬«, we collaborate with leaders in the medical community to translate their proven standards of care into patient engagement solutions which allow patients to follow and understand their prescribed care plans wherever they are. By leveraging the Preventice Care Platform, these solutions can be delivered in a rapid and cost-effective manner with proven technology supported by our HIPAA-compliant platform. 

Available Services
Preventice offers a full range of established technology and consulting services that help take patient engagement concepts from the whiteboard to the real world.

The Preventice Care Platform includes a breadth of available services and functionality to build secure, highly personalized and dynamic patient engagement solutions delivered to patients via mobile and web-enabled devices. This functionality includes:

  • Care plan instructions
  • Medications & refills
  • Patient education content delivery (videos, documents, games, etc.)
  • Surveys & health assessments
  • Health trackers (through manual input or remote patient monitoring)
  • Goals & thresholds
  • Alerts, reminders & interventions (SMS, email, phone, etc.)
  • Rewards & incentives
  • Virtual consults & coaching
  • Patient & care team communication tools
  • Social & family connection tools

Also, in order to better support care delivery solutions, Preventice offers the following services:

  • Remote sensor device integration
  • Patient data integration (EMR, PHR, etc.)
  • Clinical trial support
  • Regulatory support
  • Technical support
  • Data analytics
  • Translation & localization