Preventice®   collaborates with leading institutions across the healthcare spectrum in order to engage patients and improve outcomes.

Mayo Clinic

Preventice and Mayo Clinic are working together to introduce health applications based on cloud computing and mobile phone technology. Together the two companies leverage smart phone and other mHealth technologies to improve doctor-patient collaboration with the potential to reduce costs to the healthcare system.
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Preventice and Merck work closely to develop world-class medical applications. Merck drives Preventice to focus on the importance of adherence and engaging patients to take ownership of their own care.
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Samsung Mobile, one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications products and technologies, has made a commitment to collaborating with health technology companies in an effort to develop for its leading consumer devices new use cases that ultimately improve the quality of patients’ lives. Samsung provides mobile phones for Prevenitice's BodyGuardian Remote Monitoring System (RMS)TM. Patient data is captured using a small wearable sensor and delivered via Bluetooth communication to a dedicated Galaxy S II smartphone.
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