Preventice® Innovation Ecosystem

Preventice collaborates with leading institutions across the healthcare spectrum in order to engage patients and improve outcomes.

By bringing together world-class medical expertise, state-of-the-art medical sensors and more, Preventice serves as a catalyst to the development of a mHealth ecosystem that has the potential to impact all aspects of the current healthcare infrastructure.

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Preventice continues to build an ecosystem of partners who share our passion for cost reduction, care plan adherence, and unmatched patient experiences. We are constantly adding new partners who are building sensors, treatments, care plans, medical databases, and content that can benefit from delivery through our mHealth platform.


Preventice collaborates with some of the most prestigious research hospitals in the world to develop methodologies that we incorporate into our platform. These hospitals execute clinical trials that will quantify the efficacy of the technologies we are developing.

Life Sciences Orgs

Preventice has strong working relationships with global leaders in the life sciences industry, and we work closely with them to develop world-class mobile health solutions. Our partners drive us to focus on the importance of adherence and engaging patients to take ownership of their own care.


Preventice helps enable payers to create tighter relationships with their members and their care providers by offering mHealth solutions that have a positive impact on member health and wellness initiatives, while providing deeper insight into the behaviors and outcomes of their member population.

Hardware Partners

Our hardware partners help us deliver comprehensive solutions for the device, sensor and monitoring needs of our customers. We have deep and strategic relationships with semiconductor and wireless device companies, which allow us to effectively and efficiently develop industry-leading solutions for our healthcare customers.

Software Partners

Preventice develops strategic partnerships with innovative software companies that enable all parties to deliver a suite of mHealth solutions and tools in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Distribution Partners

Our distribution partners help augment and deliver solutions into the markets and geographies that benefit the most from our ecosystem-connected mHealth technologies.