Ed is enjoying his retirement in Florida with his wife and joining Zoom calls with his family. He was always very active and would ride his bike around the neighborhood several times a week. In May 2017, after a long trip from San Francisco, he started to experience extreme fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath. He would feel so weak and even struggled to take a few steps without the need to rest. When he visited his cardiologist, he learned that his ejection fraction was low and that he was going to need an aortic valve replacement.


“The MINI PLUS is easy to apply, and it doesn't restrict you in any way. Support and peace of mind are at your fingertips.”

Although he underwent the sternotomy, he is still not feeling like himself. “I am still experiencing episodes of lightheadedness and dizziness actually to the point where I think I am going to pass out. These episodes would occur spontaneously even without any exertion, physical exertion, sometimes just by sitting down and watching TV or eating breakfast. They happen at any time of the day,” shares Ed. To seek answers, a year ago, his cardiologist prescribed him a remote cardiac monitor from another company. The results came back inconclusive and he was unable to obtain a diagnosis.

When he saw a BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS, he was impressed with how much the technology changed in just one year. While wearing the MINI PLUS, Ed was able to ride his bike around the neighborhood for a few miles to remain active. He was able to go about his usual routines. The MINI PLUS did not hinder him in anyway. Ed was able to shower and sleep with no issues. Ed and his wife had peace of mind knowing that the MINI PLUS was recording his heart rhythms. “The support was absolutely the best. It was so good that you're able to reach out, 24 hours a day. If you have any issues or questions you could call customer service,” shared Ed.

Initially, he had an issue with the device placement. Ed and his wife contacted the Preventice customer service team to speak to a representative. When they described what was going on, the Preventice customer service representative asked if there was a scar in the area of the placement. Since Ed has a surgical scar, she was able to help him get ‘good skin contact’. “She was extremely helpful and recommended a horizontal placement. Since I perspire a lot, she also offered to send us more strips and shipped them overnight. We even had extra that we sent back at the end of the study.”

Ed is fortunate to have such a supportive family and they are looking forward to having answers. “Having symptoms and hearing the doctor say, ‘you're fine’ when you know that you are not is so frustrating. They're going through all these tests and I wished they would pinpoint something. Especially after the open-heart surgery. I've got this cough that is constant, and it was dry, and now it's a wet cough and they can't figure out what is causing it,” comments Ed.

Ed’s advice to anyone who is hesitant to wear a remote cardiac monitor is “that it's easy to apply and it doesn't restrict you in any way. You could go about your typical daily routine and activities. You could swim if you want to. It doesn't hurt and it's very easy to use. Support and peace of mind are at your fingertips.”

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