Ginger is a retired federal employee who has always lived a very healthy lifestyle. She is very cognizant of her heart health because both of her parents passed away due to heart related issues. Several years ago, she noticed she often had a racing heartbeat. She went to her cardiologist who ran tests and recommended she wear a remote cardiac monitor. She wore a Holter monitor for 24 hours to better understand what her heart was doing. The results from her Holter monitor came back inconclusive; however, her symptoms persisted.


“Wearing the MINI PLUS 24/7 gave me peace of mind. I knew if there was an issue that somebody would alert me.”

She recently saw a new cardiologist because the palpitations continued, and Ginger cannot attribute them to exercise or specific activities. “I could just be sitting still. And the episodes did not occur close together. Sometimes they were far apart. It could be months before I would have another episode.

My heart would race. One time it even got as high as 187 beats per minute. I did some breathing exercises and that seemed to help bring my heart rate down,” says Ginger. Ginger’s cardiologist recommended she wear a heart monitor for thirty days and introduced her to the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS, so she could make an informed diagnosis.

Ginger compared her experience with the MINI PLUS to the time when she wore the Holter monitor. She was so pleased to see how far technology has come. She remained active, went on vigorous long walks, practiced yoga and did not feel restricted with the MINI PLUS. “I hardly even knew I had it on. It was wonderful,” shares Ginger. “If my cardiologist asked me to wear the MINI PLUS again, I would not hesitate because I feel like monitoring is important. My doctor said that there were no abnormalities or anything concerning, which gave me a sense of relief. I felt like the MINI PLUS was so much better than the Holter monitor that I had to wear a few years ago.”

“Wearing the MINI PLUS 24/7 gave me peace of mind. I knew if there was an issue that somebody would alert me” comments Ginger. She looks forward to celebrating her forty-ninth wedding anniversary with her husband and family. They have shared so many experiences together throughout their marriage. It was nice they also got to share their heart monitor journey together while going about their daily activities.

Ginger’s advice for anyone who needs to wear a monitor is to trust the MINI PLUS. She assures them that the technology is not intimidating. She would not consider herself the most tech savvy person and often engages her daughter for help in the department. Ginger was able to figure out how to hook-up to the MINI PLUS and enjoyed the simplicity of the process!

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