Margot is a retired mother of three who has always lived a very active and healthy life. Twenty-five years ago, her doctor noticed a heart murmur and diagnosed her with Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). After her Echocardiogram (Echo), her doctor said she has a mild condition. Margot continued to pursue her passions: running, swimming, biking, hiking and remaining active. She started experiencing shortness of breath during her runs as soon as her first mile; it would feel like an asthma attack. Margot learned that when you have MVP, you need very high blood flow. Since she would donate blood quarterly, to avoid having these episodes, she stopped, and this helped her treat her symptoms.


“I wanted to keep swimming, and i was kind of hesitant because i didn't think the monitor was going to work.
However, it did work quite well.”

Three years ago, Margot had some chest pain and went to the emergency room. Her EKG showed unusual activity, but she told the doctor that this is not unusual for her. “After a night in the hospital where my Troponin level remained above normal, the cardiologist decided to do a coronary angiogram. He said I have clear arteries so they discharged me. They wanted me to follow-up with a cardiologist who decided to do an Echo. They found the tip of my heart thickened, a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Both my atrial chambers became enlarged. Since I normally have such a low heart rate, she decided that there really wasn’t anything that could be done. She would keep an eye on it and have an Echo every two years,” shares Margot.

This summer, while walking her dog, Margot experienced an episode of severe dizziness. At that moment, she sat down on the ground and waited for her symptoms to pass. She called her cardiologist who scheduled another Echo test. This Echo revealed that Margot’s atrial chambers have enlarged and recommended that Margot wear the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor. She wore a remote cardiac monitor over twenty years ago and was happy to see that the technology has come such a long way. “The monitor I wore had a belt and I had leads attached to my chest. It was harder to wear,” shares Margot. “This was a big improvement. If you don’t want people to see it, it’s a lot easier to hide it, than the other monitor was.”

While wearing the MINI PLUS, Margot continued her daily activities and since the MINI PLUS is waterproof, Margot was able to continue swimming. “I swam competitively for a long time in high school , and I was kind of hesitant because I didn’t think the monitor was going to work. However, it did work quite well. I swam for an hour without an issue and even did flip turns. It surprised me because I didn’t have much confidence the heart monitor would work in the water,” comments Margot.

Margot loves how easy the MINI PLUS can be worn. She sleeps on her stomach and was worried she would not sleep well with the remote cardiac monitor. Fortunately, she slept great with the MINI PLUS and hardly noticed she was even wearing it. Due to the MINI PLUS’ small size, she was also able to wear her usual clothing without the device showing. She is active all throughout the day working on her home and gardening. She did not encounter any issues while going about her daily routine.

Margot’s advice for anyone who is nervous to wear a remote cardiac monitor is to go ahead and wear the monitor. “It really does not hinder your activities, or your life and you do get used to it. It seems that you don’t really notice after a while you have it on,” says Margot. “I think it’s really helpful to have it on 24 hours a day, monitoring your heart versus an Echo where they’re just monitoring for an hour. I think it’s a very easy way to learn more about what your heart is doing. If there’s an issue, it’s not much to ask to wear it.”

The remote cardiac monitoring journey provided Margot with comfort and hope because her doctors can figure out what is going on with her heart. “If there is anything that I can do to help prevent a heart attack or anything, I will know,” shares Margot.

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Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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