Marissa is a 21-year-old college student who lives in Florida. Her heart monitor journey began in quarantine when she decided to train for a marathon. She used her watch to track her distance and heart. She noticed that her heart rate was high even when she ran at slow speeds. Her heart rate was exceeding 200 beats per minute. She became alarmed and made an appointment with her cardiologist. They recommended that she wear the BodyGuardian® MINI, a Preventice heart monitor, for thirty days.


“The MINI has no cords and just sits there, so i felt more comfortable with the device and monitoring process.”

At first, Marissa was reluctant to wear the monitor. She expected a large and bulky device that would require many wires and restrict her activities. “I was a little skeptical and I didn't really want to do it because I'm more of an active person. I dance and swim often,” shares Marissa. It was also summertime and she loves to spend time at the Florida beaches with her friends.

However, the MINI monitor pleasantly surprised Marissa! She loved that the MINI is small and wireless. She was even more excited to learn that the MINI is fully waterproof and that she could do all her favorite summer activities! “I didn’t feel like I was restricted at all - taking a shower with the monitor is easy. I didn’t have to take anything off,” said Marissa. “The MINI has no cords involved and it just sits there and it is pretty subtle, so I felt more comfortable with the device and monitoring process.”

Marissa’s friends had questions about the device and they were very nervous for her; however, she showed them how simple the monitor is to wear and use. Since dance is an integral part of Marissa’s life, she created videos and received many nice comments about dancing with the monitor. She is happy to spread awareness to her social media followers and is not afraid of what people think. Thanks to the MINI, she enjoyed her summer to the fullest and had peace of mind knowing the BodyGuardian® MINI recorded her heart rhythms.

“I was really nervous because I didn’t know what was wrong and I thought something was seriously wrong with my heart. So, it was comforting to wear the MINI monitor because Preventice would call me and alert me if something was wrong,” says Marissa.

Since Marissa’s follow-up appointment with her cardiologist, she is happy to know that everything will be fine. She can continue to pursue her active lifestyle and healthy eating and knows what she needs to do to manage her symptoms. Her advice for anyone who needs to wear a heart monitor is to not be nervous. “Everything will be okay, and you will get answers. It is a really easy experience, and everyone is really helpful in the process.”


Important Safety Information

Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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