Shirley maintains a health-conscious lifestyle in retirement. After she retired, she would occasionally substitute and help manage the cafeteria at school. While working, she often experienced extreme fatigue, dizziness and would feel her heart race so she would take a moment to rest. “I would need to sit down and then when I got home, I would lie down because I was worn out,” shares Shirley. She attributed these symptoms to getting older and would move on. In January 2020, while on vacation and walking on the beach, she had a severe episode where she passed out.


“Wearing the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS helps the doctors see what is wrong and wearing the monitor was not a bother.”

After this episode, Shirley’s family encouraged her to go and see her primary care doctor who referred her to a cardiologist. Her cardiologist recommended that she wear a remote cardiac monitor and introduced her to the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS. Shirley loves the MINI PLUS’ small size. And, she liked the smart phone because she was able to track her symptoms. “It was interesting the way it all worked. And as I think back, I would feel my heart do this often for several years back. I pressed the button at least once a day. Wearing the MINI PLUS did not give me any problems. It was so easy to shower with it,” says Shirley. She was able to go about her daily activities without any interruptions. She enjoys walking on the treadmill and strength training several times a week and the MINI PLUS stayed in place during her workouts.

Shirley had peace of mind wearing the MINI PLUS for thirty days and was happy to have a diagnosis. “They quickly learned that I had Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and prescribed me some medications,” comments Shirley. Both of Shirley’s siblings have worn the MINI and had positive experiences. Her brother learned that he has AF as well and her sister learned she has another heart condition. “It was nice to have my family’s support,” says Shirley.

In January 2021, Shirley wore the MINI PLUS again for fourteen days because despite her medications, she still felt fatigued and had some sporadic episodes. As a result of the diagnostic data that the MINI PLUS provided, her cardiologist adjusted her medications and since she is feeling great. “Both of my experiences were similar as far as comfort and ease of use. The first time I wore the MINI PLUS horizontally and this time, I wore it vertically,” comments Shirley. “It was nice because I knew what to expect.”

Shirley’s advice for anyone who is hesitant about wearing a remote cardiac monitor is to set their fears aside. “Wearing the BodyGuardian® MINI PLUS helps the doctors see what is wrong and wearing the monitor was not a bother,” shares Shirley.

Important Safety Information

Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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