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"Low health literacy costs the U.S. more than $58 billion annually and nearly half the U.S. adult population (90 million people) fall into the low or basic health literacy category."

National Patient Safety Foundation

HealthClips Rx Promotes Patient EducationHealthClips Rx™ promotes patient education by making learning easy and convenient for patients on the go

Patient Education

Improve staff efficiency and facilitate patient education

Patient education improves care plan adherence

Research shows that educating patients on their condition improves care plan adherence. Yet, patient education is a time-consuming task that can be misunderstood by patients, or worse yet, completely ignored.

Preventice® enables providers to prescribe personalized educational content to patients that can be accessed from mobile and web devices. Providers can also track a patient’s progress, which helps to effectively educate them and promote patient engagement and care plan adherence.

Patient Education includes:

  • Prescribable, personalized education: Deliver prescribed and personalized educational content.
  • Engaging content: Provide a rich library of medically relevant, engaging videos and content across disease states and conditions that facilitate better patient understanding.
  • Measured progress: Receive objective documentation about what a patient has or has not viewed. This facilitates informed consent and meaningful use rules.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Mobile health solutions allow content at the point-of-care, point-of-need and at home with a simple and engaging user-interface across all supported devices.

For example, read about HealthClips Rx™, a mobile health solution that delivers individualized patient education when and where it's needed.