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"Secure e-mail messaging, videoconferencing, and remote patient monitoring can provide information that improves the patient-provider relationship and the quality of health care."

California Healthcare Foundation
"Primary Care Everywhere: Connecting the Dots Across the Emerging Health Landscape"

Relationship Management

Engage patients with their care plan

Engage patients with their care plan

Ongoing support and communication from physicians, caregivers and family members can make all the difference when it comes to patient adherence with a personalized care plan.

Preventice® helps health care providers overcome potential communication gaps between clinical staff, patients, and their families. The Preventice Care Platform encourages patients to meet their goals through collaboration and incentive tools that effectively connect them to their care community and social networks.

Relationship Management includes:

  • Collaboration and connection: Connect patients to their care team, family, and social networks by enabling others to securely participate with the patient in their care plan progress.
  • Rewards and incentives: Establish specific rewards and incentives that the patient can achieve through measured accomplishments along their treatment or recovery paths.
  • Personalized coaching: Enable collaboration and communication tools such as chat or e-mail that connect patients to their providers and caregiver(s) for personalized coaching to help improve care and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Real-time feedback: Use data insights from Preventice to drive feedback and encouragement to the patient to keep them on the right track.