HealthClips Rx from Preventice and Milner-Fenwick
HealthClips Rx App for Patient Education
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Medicine On The Net

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HealthClips Rx™

Prescribed patient education delivered in a mobile health solution.

Deliver individualized patient education when and where it’s needed with HealthClips Rx. Developed in collaboration with Milner-Fenwick, this interactive video based application is the perfect solution for mobile devices and personal computers. By putting prescribed patient education videos into patients’ hands at bedside, at home, and on-the-go, HealthClips Rx creates more informed patients and ultimately delivers better health.

HealthClips Rx – prescribed patient education at bedside, home, and on-the-go

How it works

By taking advantage of the latest technologies and mobile devices, HealthClips Rx improves patient engagement and adherence with their care plan because it supports and encourages patients to follow treatment protocols, avoid complications, and practice positive health behaviors. This solution facilitates communication between patient and caregiver, overcomes health literacy challenges, meets informed consent requirements, and improves discharge and disease management outcomes.

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