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The Preventice Care Platform™

Provide better care to more patients with less cost

Improving patient care and outcomes is a common goal for the health care industry. However, the inability to influence patient behavior outside the clinical setting is a major hurdle to achieving this goal.

Preventice®   improves patient engagement by enabling a continuous connection between patients and health care providers. Our solutions strengthen health care outcomes because they can help:
  • Avoid hospitalizations.
  • Reduce re-admittance.
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Speed time to intervention

How it works
By integrating the latest mobile, cloud, and sensor technology, the Preventice Care Platform increases patient engagement across the care continuum from early screening and detection, through recovery, rehabilitation, and maintenance. Preventice helps seamlessly capture patient data and makes it available to health care professionals via mobile devices and personalized web portals. When necessary, it will also integrate with EMR systems and other patient systems that house information about patients and their care plans.

Preventice organizes all of its functionality around patients and the connection they have with their care providers. Our platform enables:

Care Plan ManagementCare Plan Management               Patient EducationPatient Education

Remote Patient MonitoringRemote Patient Monitoring        Relationship ManagementRelationship Management

                                                     Health AnalyticsIntegrated Health Analytics